The Homeschool Book Shop
5612 N. Wall St. Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 315-4389
GARAGE SALE!! MAY 23, 10-4pm

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Getting ready for our annual GARAGE SALE!
Join us,
May 23, 2014
10 am to 4 pm
$20 per box (Bring your own box)
Cash or Check Only

We are a CONSIGNMENT & FULL RETAIL store. We always have new and unpredictable quality books coming in!  There are 60,000 titels in our inventory & growing! Our goal is to have completed stocking our shelves...Never! Rather, we hope to be stocking new things every day! Consignment is arriving in large quantities and we are working hard to get it all on the shelves! We would be happy to have you stop by, drop off your consignment and shop for all your curriculum needs!

Please keep coming back. We make additions and changes to the website continually and hope you will be able to see them all!

In the meantime, the most important thing for you to know is what The Homeschool Book Shop is all about and how you can find us!

Store Location
       5612 N. Wall St., Spokane, WA  99205

Store Phone
(509) 315-4389

Store Hours
Monday-Friday 10-5 & Saturday 11-4

Store Web~You're there!

What to know about us...

Approximately 95% of our inventory comes from homeschoolers. The other 5% could be divided between new consumables (work books, work texts, and materials otherwise consumed) & abandon or donated items.


The simple bones of consignment...customers (called consingors) bring their materials to the Shop. The Shop prices them at a discount from their original value based on quality, condition, demand and age. We put a price sticker on the book with a SKU bar code. It is shelved in its appropriate part of the store (by subject, publisher and/or grade). When the item sells, the consignor and the store each receive a portion of the selling price.

This is the simple explanation. You will likely have specific questions about this process. For details, please see our FAQs and Policy Page (it's always being updated).